Even slow, things feel good.

27 Apr

No, that isn’t a sexy euphemism.  I’m referring to the past several days since I let someone go from my current project.  Even though now everything is riding on me, I somehow feel empowered, and enlightened at the same time.  Good things have been happening too.  I should have done this sooner.

Since my last post, I now have access to a couple former colleagues who have agreed to advice me, and one possibly could even join onto the project.  What is even more odd, is that I would so much rather work with these individuals than pretty much anyone else at this stage.  That isn’t lip service either.  To be honest they do not even know I am writing this blog.  Maybe one day we can all laugh about this post over a beer.

I guess the main lesson that I can take away from this, is that my previous notion of holding onto people and trying to nurture them may not only have been the wrong choice, but in the end I was pouring energy in the wrong directions.  Cutting those ties free, while at first seems a bit daunting, actually opens up new doors.

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Posted by on April 27, 2011 in Getting Started


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