Dazed n Confused

01 May

Over the past several days I have been speaking with different potential members to join my project.  I know how essential this aspect is, but can’t help feel that this type of activity is detracting from what I really want to accomplish.

Enter the investigation of a Business Development Manager.  Rather, someone to do the legwork while I concentrate on project development and planning.  Someone who’s expertise in dealing with legal documents and finance could greatly assist in keeping this train rolling.

Here is where the trouble comes in.  Even though I live smack in the middle of one of the highest concentrations of people on the east coast, there is very little in terms of technology investment and angel investors willing to take a gamble on tech.  My expertise also lay with design and developmental planning.

It seems as though my conundrum only thickens as most of the people I personally know that I can tap into, while knowledgeable in their respective fields are older and unwilling to put in the time it takes to make a start-up happen.  I’ve been warned to not outsource development and that has been backed up with numerous horror stories as well.

I guess I am at a weird crossroads.  Just a few short years ago my network of potential professionals was much greater.  It seems these days they have settled into jobs, and families.  Finding willing and capable talent is proving to be next to impossible.

I really believe in this project and it’s potential.  I keep asking myself what would “insert industry professional” do in this set of circumstances?  I keep coming back to the obvious which is that I should just ask those individuals.  Sounds easy enough.  However, I am willing to bet that even with best intentions, and a clear message I get a next to zero response rate.

Those guys are incredibly busy after all, and who is this six-piece chicken McNobody asking for advice?  There is also the old phrase, you never know until you ask.  So I’m going to try taking the direct approach and attempt contacting several within the industry and see what happens from there.

Worst they can say is no right?

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Posted by on May 1, 2011 in Getting Started


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