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Good people are hard to find

This is something we all certainly have heard, are familiar with, and no doubt agree with.  With past projects I have taken on people who simply have the know-how to perform certain tasks, which sounds good, but often isn’t.

You see, something I have done in the past is that I have given the level of dedication to these individuals that I have expected out of them as a way to set an example.  Again, this sounds good in not only theory, but practice as well.  Something I haven’t done however is cut the cord when people aren’t working out, and that is something that I completely blame myself for, because I have been involved in several projects myself that I have watched fall by the wayside for the exact same reasons that my projects fail.  Dedication to the individuals, and not the project.

Today, after a mere three days of involvement, I had to turn one of my people loose.  Professionally speaking, they are absolutely fantastic, however, they were beginning to overstep their boundaries right from the very beginning.  In the past I would have simply continued to correct them and set them on the path that drives the project forward, but not anymore.

While some who may read this post will think three days seems too short of an acclimation period for someone on a project, I can’t help but feel this would have turned into yet another case of me spending more time coercing someone to do the job they were brought in to do, rather than being able to trust in them tasks were being accomplished.  At the end of the day, if I have to take away from what I am working on, to have to continually remind them what their job is and how to go about accomplishing the tasks at hand, I may as well do it myself.  Essentially, if I don’t set the bar from the very beginning of this venture that results have to be delivered in order for you to remain on the project, things will simply deteriorate from there to a point where nothing gets done.

Even if it seems harder at this stage to let people go and take on more work for myself, I cannot help but trust in my past experience that this will be healthier for not only the project, but for my own sanity when trying to guide this ship.

I guess I have at least learned one thing along the way.

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Posted by on April 23, 2011 in Lessons Learned